Reasons Why Every Small Business Needs A Blog

A couple of years back, hardly anyone knew what a blog was, but these days, because of their easy setup nature and maintenance, they have gained massive popularity beyond all expectations.

Small Business Needs A Blog

Blogs are not just online diaries for people who wish to express themselves on certain things or for those who have a special interest in a subject matter. Smart business people, who understand the positive impact of the online world, are now using it to generate revenue for their business.

A blog provides the cheapest means of marketing your products or services online. Small business needs a blog as a feedback mechanism to establish their side of the story against competitors spreading the negative impression that can potentially damage your business reputation.

It is a medium for communicating and connecting with potential and existing clients. The primary purpose of this article is to point out three main reasons a small business needs a blog.

Blog for marketing and promoting small businesses

Small business internet marketing looks simple at first glance, but many persons have tried and failed. Only a few could persevere, perfecting keyword density, keyword research, search engine optimisation techniques, linking strategies, which yield a positive result for some but not always for others.

Some of them followed the advice of acclaimed “guru,” only to look more mysterious at the end of the entire process than when they started. They end up with the impression that there is no better way to internet marketing.

Search engines love blogs a lot; if you are a little careful with the use of keyword placement with website optimisation, you will always receive backlinks. One good reason your small business needs a blog is that you can enjoy excellent results as a complete novice by merely publishing relevant content and maintaining your blog.

All you need is a simple strategy; perhaps concentrate on a particular product line and post at least once daily, to get your desired results to make a difference.

With time, proper understanding and improvement in your blogging techniques, your small marketing effort will yield a positive result. Also, remember this is cost effective compared to the use of newspapers advertising. Besides, this is not the only reason why your small business needs a blog.

What if someone is spreading a rumour on your brand and blogging it all over the internet, perhaps because they are your close competitors or didn’t like the way you go about your business? How will you easily defend yourself and tell your side of the story? Social media may not be good enough; all you need is a business blog!

A blog for receiving feedback to build your brand or business

A real-life example is a businessman dealing with negative blog posts that involves a medical practitioner who practices on her own in California. She treated some patients whose ill health was caused by their own making, and in a bid to advise them, told them they need to take responsibility for their health, this didn’t go down well with them because they didn’t expect to hear that. Feeling insulted, they took to a blog to spread the information online, telling their side of the story and denting the image of the doctor in the process.

Small Business Blog

If you were to make enquires about her services on Google or any other major search engines, immediately you search for her name, the first if not the only information you would find are these negative rants and almost libellous information created by these two aggressive patients who refused to face the truth about their health situations.

However, had this doctor previously understand the reasons a small business needs a blog, she could have used it to complement her business activities, and would have had the great opportunity to reduce some of the major damage caused.

Sadly, for her, Patient confidentiality rules would have prevented her from replying the negative blog post or tell her side of the story. But she could have saved herself from all the damage by creating an archived library of positive information about her business and practice. It will automatically fight all negative blog posts about her at the same time. Anyone searching for her services or name using google would have seen this negative story, but at the same time found the positive side too, to balance the view.

Something similar can happen to any other business person, not doctors only. Your small business needs a blog to stand a chance of great flexibility in promoting your business, create a positive image for your brand, and to communicate it with your customers, even to potential clients.

Blog as a communication medium for small business

People love sourcing for free information on the internet. We all do this; the best thing to give away to build your brand at the same time is a free newsletter. Previously, this has taken the form of an email specially formatted, but in recent time, small business owners are using blogs for publishing their newsletters.

They also use their business blog to send email to people who subscribe to their email list and redirecting them to the blog where this newsletter can be read.

It is a great way to communicate with all your existing customers, and enough reason your small business needs a blog. You can regularly update them with vital information, making them realise the importance of your newsletter. And you can often pitch an offer, promo or an exceptional bargain periodically.

It will cause some percentage of your newsletter readers to make a purchase that you wouldn’t have had. But you shouldn’t stop there. Your blog can also serve as a tool for attracting potential customers too.

If you have successfully built your business blog, fill it up with regular and relevant posts, the search engine will notice it, and crawl your post to rank top for your business keywords. Hopefully, this will boost your placement, and anyone who is looking for the products and services you offer will find your blog.

When they finally arrive on your blog, you can persuade them with gift or items to sign up for email alerts, so they can receive fresh updates whenever you make a new post or the next time you publish a newsletter.

Your small business needs a blog to enjoy the excellent and cost-effective method of attracting new customers with little or no effort.

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