Why Employers Should Be Concerned About Business Blog

People mistake blogging as something done by only technology experts, but with recent discovers and changes, those with little tech knowledge are now involved in blogging. It is enough reason why employers should be concerned about the business blog because it provides numerous benefits, and at the same time, it gives room to threaten your business and render your brand reputation useless.

Employers Blog

Blogs, which is the short form of weblogs, are used mainly and frequently by individuals, businesses, experts and internet marketers to post relevant information ranging from personal opinions, business photos, news, and gossip. Often, blogs are vital medium to show your existence in professional journals.

Blogging is becoming more popular because they are easy to create, and it has a user-friendly environment. Internet weblogs have been in existence for many years now. Similar to the world of computers where everything is done with ease, anyone can set and create a blog post of their choice with little or no cost. It is enough reason an employer should be concerned about a business blog.

Blogs make provision for their audience to get information almost at the same time as the internet itself. It is the reason why so many journalists, organizations, individuals, political parties, and even businesses are fast embracing blogs as a medium of communication to their targeted audience.

The numbers of blogs online in recent time are for a different purpose. Interestingly, blogs look more appealing to the younger audience. Nearly 60% of bloggers fall under the age of 20 years; this makes it easier to say blogs will be more important to your internet marketing career when you are concerned about the business blog.

These young bloggers will soon come of age to join the workforce, and this will boost competition for online marketers.

Some blogs are considered to be very useful than others; in fact, one of the standards for measuring growing business is how well they embrace business blogging to communicate innovatively and interactively.

Blogs are one of the most useful tools for researchers to conduct market research efficiently. This research may include recent trends as well as customer satisfaction. Remember the business rules that 80% of your business comes from 15% of your customer’s satisfaction. Blogs are less expensive and a vital medium to target and interact with 15% of your potential customers. This is another reason to concerned about the business blog as an employer or online marketer.

It makes a lot of sense because more people visit different blogs daily to source for relevant information. Existing statistics have proven that 42% of the general public read form at least a blog every day. And remember the 42% is based on the general public and not those with computers and other ICT skills.

As an employer, you should be more concerned about the business blog, because of the impact that makes it possible for individuals and businesses to reach their targeted audience. Employers should be concerned about a business blog, especially the blogging activities of their staffs. The reason for this is because they can use blogs to engage in defamation, copyright violations, and divulge corporate strategy and essential trade secrets.

One incredible thing about blogging is that, once you publish a post, it remains on the internet until you edit it, delete the entire blog or change the server of the blog or turn off the hosting. Once your post is on the internet, it becomes public and visible to all in the world with internet access. Specific information can be searched for across the web using any search engine tool.

Also, innocuous information can easily be used by competitors to trick staff into divulging relevant corporate information to outsiders pretending to be workers or staff members of such an organization. With blogs, no vital information is required to dent competitors’ images. This is why an employer should be concerned about their business blog to build trust among potential customers.

Employers Business Blog

Employees who write blog posts in the course of their employment are more likely to comply with the company’s policies and procedures. But employees who write their blogs can make things challenging for their employers.

Here are different steps an employer can use to protect their business from causing damage to their employee blogs.

  • They should try to create a friendly work environment where valuable ideas can easily be exchanged.
  • Should reference blogging as a severe issue of employee policy and organizational handbooks.
  • Insist that all employees who are bloggers should place a disclaimers page on their blogs.
  • Compare your employees to sign a non-disclosure contract as a major standard in their employment. Old staffs and new intakes are required to sign this form. Also, make this policy clear that releasing corporate or confidential information is a legal ground for their immediate dismissal from the organization.
  • They should state some guidelines prohibiting employees from publishing any defamatory blogs about the organization, co-workers, or customers.

Blogs are fast becoming a real workplace. Businesses that are willing to take the next level are advised to take active steps to protect their online business, employees, and potential customers as well as their business reputation. An employer should be concerned about the business blog.

Starting up a business is very easy, and anyone who wants to venture into it can do so with little or no stress. But making your business popular for people to easily reach you is the primary task. You can use a business blog to achieve this, it is the same process of creating a business website, just that blogs require more time due to its regular updates. Try to exchange links with other blogs, to have more visitors coming to your blog.

Blogs, no doubt, are compelling in today’s business climate. It can be used for improving or planning the downfall of any business. Remember, just a blog entry is capable of destroying the image of your business or customer base that took you more than 20 years to grow. These are enough reasons why every employer should be concerned about a business blog.

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