Comparing Corporate Websites To Business Blogs

With the current economic status that is always uncertain, competition in business has become more stringent than ever. Now, more companies are coming up with different means of introducing and promoting their products or services to their potential customers.

Comparing Websites

Since we are currently in an era where the internet has so much impact and influence compared to that of the media, many people in business are taking advantage of business blogs as a good option in achieving their business goals and objectives.

A lot of people always say that having a business blog is a complete waste of time when there is already a corporate website to perform all the online functions for a particular business.

From one angle, this notion can be correct, but not always the case in all businesses. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. A businessperson may find it difficult to promote his business website and may not be able to afford the huge cost attached to it.

For a business to get the best of promotion, it will have to use a blog, no matter how small they are, they will always yield positive results for your business.

Though both business and corporate website are vital for people to attract their targeted market irrespective of the location and time, this can easily be made possible by the client-friendly nature of a corporate website.

Corporate websites look more formal compared to blogs. Most times, a corporate website is not being updated regularly, because most of the information it conveys looks static unless a change is made, it can stay for years without updates.

It often bores people who continuously visit, besides no one would want to spend his valuable time browsing a site with little or no updates, although this doesn’t apply to all corporate website.

A business blog is updated regularly by companies each time they’ve something new to tell their customers. With this, there are new kinds of stuff clients and visitors will like to check out. For some years now, business blogs have become a medium for individuals, business, and organisations to voice out their opinions, feedbacks, reactions, and reviews on products and services relevant to them.

In many cases, there had been lots of blog abuse, but it remains the best way for businesses to improve their products and services. Moreover, blogs remain the most effective medium for communicating with a targeted audience. This arm of activity allows a corporate business to interact not just with their external clients but with the internal clients as well.

A blog serves as an avenue for many businesspeople to communicate with themselves easily.

Why businesses should maintain a corporate blog

  • It serves as a medium for smooth interaction with potential customers – Since blogs contain the formal and informal part of your business, most companies see more need to maintain a blog because they know how interactive it can be when it comes to building confidence in their business.
  • It helps to promote a business through search engine optimisation (SEO) – The online business all focus on traffic, and this can be increased through business blogging. As long as you update your blog content regularly, search engines will always rank you top above your competitors.
  • Blogs are more reliable – We all live in an era where the internet has become the best and most influential off all the media. Companies see blogs as more reliable than their press release and the company’s official PR. Blogs are also known to build trust between business and potential customers. Since blogs remain the best avenue for communication and interaction, it becomes easy for companies to gain confidence from their target audience.
  • Blogs increase your level of understanding and learning ability – Given the fact that you maintain your blog all yourself, you will have greater opportunity to write quality related articles to your business. Through this learning process, you are learning!

Compare websites


There are more ways to use a corporate blog for your business. All it requires is your imagination to create fresh ideas or new ways to use it. There is no limit to the numbers of blog you can create for your business; you can choose to have several blogs, each one dealing with a specific topic, and all of them can be linked together in your corporate website. It can be compelling if you do it well, and it isn’t a difficult task either.

A corporate blog is one important communication medium all business should seriously consider as part of their online marketing strategy. But it should also be evaluated regularly to know if it brings more sales and reduces companies cost. If it can’t deliver any of those measures, then it is advisable you drop it down.

I have blogged for some couple of years now, and I’ve discovered that I’ve had several hits. But you may not get any sales from it, because your contents are majorly mini-articles.

When it comes to corporate blogs, it is entirely different; there are lots of selling keywords out there you can research to write your articles. But don’t just jump in to use any one of these keywords you come across, do thorough research on keywords that are not only related to your business but also those that will rank top on popular search engines to generate sales for your targeted products and services.

Corporate blogs are relevant tools to bridge the gap between clients and businessmen. If properly used, business blogs will not only boost sales but will also increase the level of popularity of companies. However, if you are into business and you are yet to start your business blog, try to consider what you and your business stand to gain.

Finally, blogs are great communication tools or channel, so most companies have to create theirs and use for their PR, replace words of mouth, go viral, and do all the internet marketing for them.

Internet marketing has grown into a large industry with the help of corporate blogging.

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